The Revolution The Nation Needs More Than Pacman

by jobrobinson


(Paumanhin: Dahil may teknikal na problema pa ang aking, pansamantalang ipopost ko ang aking komento dito sa wikang banyaga.)

Every Filipino’s response to The Pacman’s loss shows that this is more than just a dialogue of boxing. This has become a dialogue of socio-religious issue that started from socio-political roots. That anyone who leaves a certain religion is cursed. That anyone who forgets about his religious roots is socially despised.

I represent Manny Pacquiao’s statement of faith but I’m not taking that route most, led by Aling Dionisia, are taking. Because more than anything, this should be a dialogue of how we Filipinos should support our own no matter what, no blaming, no could-have beens as we have always been. I’m not a boxing fan. Didn’t pray for him to win or otherwise. But really, to go back to the real issue is deemed important. Not taking it to the never-ending, non-diplomatic, peace-distorting, non God-glorifying religious debate.

Back in college, I was taught to argue with style thru parliamentary debate system. One of our unspoken rule is to not debate on religion as religion per se. We could only argue about religion on principles but not exactly the varying belief system. That made us really good friends with Roman Catholics, ‘Born Again’ Christians, and our Muslim brothers and sisters. Not to mention, even with the agnostics and atheists. There is wisdom in it. So much wisdom!

There’s a revolution that the nation has to undertake. A revolution of responses. A revolution among DJs who mock Manny Pacquiao right after his loss. A revolution among fans who keep saying he was leading the match to begin with. A revolution among every Pinoy who choose to make fun of someone who’s given pride to the nation and lost once, only once.

God bless the Philippines!